Estate and Financial Strategic Planning

We advise clients on the interaction of their estate and financial plans, bringing decades of expertise to the design and implementation of sophisticated wealth transfer programs.

Investment Strategy and Oversight

We help clients select investment advisors and oversee the development and implementation of asset allocations and investment portfolios. We negotiate fees, prepare investment policy guidelines and attend portfolio reviews as requested.

Family Office

We create, restructure and incubate family offices for clients who need strategic oversight and administrative support for their complicated financial lives. We offer a comprehensive suite of services (but do not take investment discretion or manage the investments).

Governance and Succession

We help clients develop strategic plans to ensure the preservation of their family’s financial, human, social and intellectual capital in times of transition.

Experiential Learning

We develop and lead training and educational programs for all ages, tailored to the specific needs of your family.

Trustees and Beneficiaries

We support trustees and beneficiaries in all aspects of trust design and operation, ensuring proper administrative support and communication protocols are in place.


Our Approach

Each client has different needs and concerns.  We try to start off with a consistent diagnostic approach (our “organize, prioritize, execute” model) but some families have a pressing concern and these relationships often begin with us tackling a very specific question or issue, that can be light years away from basic financial planning.  In our first few years of operation, we set up and dismantled family offices, created private trust companies, revised (or initiated) buy-sell arrangements for closely held businesses, established succession plans for family businesses and sold a few companies along the way.


Our Founder

Holly Isdale


Publications include formal white papers, stand alone primers on specific topics, or presentations from speeches.


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