Dear Friends,

We have much to be grateful for as we start to close out a busy and exciting year for Wealthaven and head into this holiday season! With the addition of Susan Hartley Moss in the summer, we have expanded our senior team and increased the depth of expertise in trusts, family offices, and foundations. I am particularly grateful for Susan’s partnership, patience and thoughtful approach to our advisory work. We are also thankful for the insights we are able to give and receive in our daily work with clients. Truly, each interaction provides new perspectives on human behavior, markets and mindsets. The Fall always brings conferences and in the last few weeks, we have presented on a number of topics and had some great discussions with other thought leaders which will shape our writing and advisory work into 2017. Stay tuned!

We wish you much joy in the coming holidays and hope you are able to find time to reflect, give thanks and savor life’s gifts.


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