Starting The Year Off Right: Wealth Management Timeline

Start the Year Off Right! Whether you have a family wealth plan in place or are solidifying your long-term approach for the first time, the beginning of the year is an ideal time to assess your overall wealth situation and plan for your family’s future. Our monthly Wealthaven Wealth Management Timeline will help you navigate the deadlines and keep you on track.

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Wealthaven Q4 2016 Newsletter

Enjoy the inaugural issue of the Wealthaven Newsletter!  In this first edition of our Q4 2016 newsletter, we are excited to provide you with our innovative thoughts on 6 main topics of thought leadership: Tax, Education, Family Office, Investments, Trust, and Governance.

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Basics of Estate Planning

The estate and gift tax regime assesses tax on the value of the assets at the time of transfer. Value is an “elastic” concept and practitioners have used a variety of techniques to depress the value of an asset for tax purposes.

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Basics of Real Estate Planning

There are a handful of core documents which form your basic estate plan.  This paper summarizes some of the considerations in creating wills, revocable living trusts, health care proxies as well as choices for trustees, guardians and executors.

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What is a Private Trust Company?

Private Trust Companies are becoming the vehicle of choice for families with complex assets or operating businesses to replace corporate trustees and directed trust structures.

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Duties of an Executor

Your documents are signed, your wishes are set. But will your executor carry out your vision?  Understand the obligations of an executor and considerations in naming the right person to this important role in your estate plans.

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Letters of Intent

A side letter to the executors or trustees offers the grantor a chance to put complex documents and ideas into his or her own words, yet they are often overlooked or marginalized in the estate planning process.

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Trustees: Risk Mitigation and Best Practices

Trustees are held to the highest fiduciary duties under the law. Whether you are acting as an individual Trustee or a trustee under a Private Trust Company, understanding the risks and responsibilities is critical to serving as a Trustee.

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Shareholder Agreements

Whether you are a family business or a closely held business, a well drafted shareholder agreement can mean the difference between a successful transition or a failed company.

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